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IT service for the personal customer

Sevices we Offer:

Computer Maintainence
Computer Repairs
Upgrades to Hardware and Software Components
Networking via cabled or wireless
Virus and Spyware Infection Removals
Data Back up and Retrieval
Hardware and Software Installations
Remote Support

Some of the Questions we cover:

What Hardware should we purchase and how do we install it?
What Software do we need and how do we get it to work on our machine/s?
We have more than one machine so how can we transfer data between them?
How can we install one printer that can be used by all of our machines?
How do we access the internet and be able to send and receive emails?
How do we make sure our system is secure?
How can we make International Calls free or at a very low rate?
We have a tight IT Budget so how can we make the best of it?
If something goes wrong can we fix it ourselves or do we always need to call out an engineer to do it for us?
Do we have all the relevant disks, manuals, licences, activation codes and serial numbers?


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