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Why is it Important to have a Website?

In November 2006 there were 101,435,253 websites with domain names and content recorded. Although a website is not necessary to do business, it certainly makes sense to have some kind of web presence in order to get or remain competitive in today’s fierce marketplace. A simple website or blog presence will do. Just something that allows your potential customers, business partners, investors and employees to find out more about you quickly and easily.

Social Networking and your Business

More than half a billion people are using Facebook, Twitter or some other form of social media and they are completely at ease forming communities of shared interests and keeping everyone up-to-date with messages, pictures and documents. There are 5 important factors as to how Social media can benefit your business:

BUILDING BRAND AWARENESS by reinforcing your brand or image and appealing to a larger audience.

THE VIRAL EFFECT. Information is shared in other social communities and is a tremendous and very efficient way to build your business online.

EFFICIENCY. People will introduce you to their friends thereby giving you greater promotional potential down the line.

INCREASES MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS. People are more likely to do business with you if they are familiar with you since this increases the trust.

HELPS BUILD A LIST. It becomes relatively simple to refer people to any web page or site you may have where they can join your list and follow your activities.

Internet Usage Statistics

In 2011, 19 million households in Great Britain had an Internet connection. This represented 77 per cent of households, up from 73 per cent in 2010. 93 per cent of Internet connected households using broadband.

Since 2009 the number of women using mobile phones to access the Internet has more than doubled, from 18 per cent of Internet users to 39 per cent in 2011.

Mobile Internet use via a laptop, tablet or other portable computer also proved popular in 2011, with 38 per cent of Internet users using these mobile devices away from the home or workplace.

Website Services we offer

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Designing a new website for your business or personal activities, let us know your requirements and we will provide you with a quote

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