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General MOT:

Computers will develop faults over time through general usage. Symptoms of fatigue include the machine slowing down, producing more noise, becoming less efficient as cooling, software bugs, conflicts and crashes. Sometimes a quick tune up is all you need to ensure that your system is running optimally.

Computer Repairs:

We replace failed hardware such as hard drives, CD-ROM drives, modems, graphics cards etc. Physical damage such as a cracked screen or missing keys can also be replaced. Should you require a new battery for your laptop or adapter we can also help. In addition we can re-load and re-install corrupt operating systems and applications and fix their problems.


We can replace old small hard drives with new large capacity drives and transfer your data from the old drive to the new drive. Random Access Memory (RAM) upgrades can improve system speeds. The spread of the internet and better broadband speeds are a couple factors causing people to upgrade their systems. Flash, Shockwave, Java, Quicktime and Windows Media files can all rely on your processor speed and memory resources to function at an acceptable level. Operating system upgrades are also available.


A computer network consists of a collection of computers, software, and hardware that are all connected to help their users work together. A network can be wireless or they can be 'joined' via cabling systems. A network enables users to share files such as pictures and music and other resources, such as printers, as well as send emails to each other. The most common networks are Local Area Networks or LANs for short. A LAN connects computers within a single geographical location, such as one office building, office suite, or home.

Virus Infections:

There are numerous options when it comes to protecting your computer from virus and spyware infections. We can scan your system and remove any unwanted infections. We will also help you to safeguard your computer against any future infections


Your data is important to you and you cannot afford to lose your files, pictures or music. A severe virus infection or hard drive failure could render your data obsolete. There are a number of methods onsite that you can adopt to safeguard your data or you could choose an offsite option that suits you. Crest can assist you in keeping your important documents and memories safe. We also offer a data recovery service in the unfortunate event that you have lost all or some of your data.


Adding additional computers and users to a network or installing new software and configuring it can sometimes be a challenge. Crest can assist you with any of your installation needs.


Computers are becoming a vital part of our day to day life. More and more services are being offered online such as internet banking, shopping online, paying bills, booking travel etc. The need to be internet and computer savvy is increasing. If you require tuition in general computer use, security, using email and browsing the internet then we can help. We also offer tuition in the Office applications.


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